Tuesday, 24 June 2014

My Feel Good Summer Playlist

The summer is definitely my favourite time of the year for music by far. Driving with the windows down, the summery air spilling in the windows and the summery happy tunes blasting through the speakers - the perfect picture right?! Ohh the bliss. On my phone/iPod I always make sure I have a go-to, feel good, happy playlist on the go to listen to in those situations which demand a mood change or don't feel 'complete' and I tell ya, there's a real mixture of artists in this one.

At the moment I have a total of 26 songs which I am obsessed with at the moment and can't stop listening too so I've decided to just include my top 12 so you don't get bored! Some old, some new and some just plain random but all ones which can life me out of a stupor and help me appreciate the world a little more in those dull moments - *cringe alert*! I am undoubtedly a fan of a particular British boy group but have only included a couple of their songs for non lovers, can you guess who I'm talking about? Anyway, lets get on with the playlist then. In no particular order they are:

1 - Classic, MKTO - I discovered this song just over a year ago now and boy am I glad! It's such a feel good summery tune (and is now my all time fave) which is incredibly catching and happy. When I first heard this tune I couldn't stop listening to it and had it on repeat for at least 20 times - maybe a little excessive but trust me, if you're looking for the perfect summer tune then this is your man.

2 - Best Song Ever, One Direction - come on, no playlist would be complete without a little bit of One Direction and what better way to get yourself going that Best Song Ever?!

3 - Obviously, McFly - to be fair, any old Mcfly song is sure to make my playlist - they're soo catchy and let's face it, the old childhood tunes are a clear winner in my books. Along with 'It's All About You', 'Little Joanna'... I could go on.

4 - Love Is On The Radio, Mcfly + Hopeful Live Mix version - I first came across this through watching Tom Fletchers cover of it with his sister Carrie (here) and then went on to hear the original. This is another one which I had on constant repeat. It's so different from the original but equally amazing and catching.

5 - Best Day Of My Life, American Authors - ahh I love these guys. This particular one is definitely one for the summer or in fact whenever you're feeling down - I mean it's sure to turn a bad day upsidedown if it's all about the best day of your life?! It never fails to complete a playlist.

6 - Believer, American Authors - just like #5, this is a good'en for both summer and cheering you up. The lyrics 'I'm just a believe that thing will get better' in the chorus definitely make me think positively if I'm ever down.

7 - Diana, One Direction - this has to be the majority of people's fave 1D track. It's catchy and slightly rocky and just has to be on any good playlist.

8 - For The First Time, Let It Go & Love Is An Open Door, Frozen - would a playlist really be complete without a bit of Frozen? I didn't think so either. I always find myself really getting into musical theatre or disney songs in the car and these are no exception - I have however taken these to a new level... *repeat*

9 - Can We Dance, The Vamps - I wasn't a massive fan of The Vamps when this first came out but have found that I'm liking it more and more so inevitably it had to make the playlist.

10 - Little Talks, Of Monsters and Men - from the word go I loved this song. It's catchy, happy and upbeat (just loook at the amount of views it has on youtube - here) and it simply must be added to any summer playlist.

Some of you may be thinking that they songs are all quite old and may not be your cup of tea but trust me, they are all good'en (especially Classic, MKTO) so would definitely recommend checking them out.
What are your favourite songs at the moment and top summer tunes? Let me know in the comments below.

Speak Soon,
Harriet xo

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  1. I love MKTO so much, all their songs have such a happy vibe! You should also check out Ed Sheeran's new album "Sing" (if you haven't heard it already haha :) ) I love his song "don't".

    Also, I have jut started blogging and was wondering if you would check my blog out?

    Thanks :)

    1. They're amazing aren't they?! I love that song but haven't heard the rest of him album yet! Yeas of course I will :) x


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