Friday, 11 April 2014

Review || Una Brennan Superfacialist Tea Flower Pure Purifying Clay Face Mask

Gosh, that title is a mouthful!! With that aside, when it comes face masks I am really reallly picky and so is my skin. Up until about 2 months ago, I always went for the standard superdrug own brand masks and never had a problem with them. When I opted for the mud mask in a tube option however, Ifound that the 'purifying clay mask' reacted quite badly with my skin. Picture this... my whole face bright red with a destinctive line tracing where the outline of the mask had been - attractive indeed. It also took over an hour for my face to return to it's normal colour. Naturally this made me weary of buying other mud masks as that was the first I had really tried one. However, when my friend told me about the Una Brennan range, I had to give the 'Superfacialist Tea Flower Pure Purifying Clay Mask' a go. 

This mask retails at £8.99 (but is on offer for £5.99 at Boots at the moment here) which is a little bit pricier than the ones from lush, and considerably more than the Superdrug own which places it in the mid-range category. Having said this, I think it is definitely worth spend that little bit extra becasue it really does work

How do you use it?
Clay masks are naturally quite messy which can be such a pain when putting it on and taking it off. I tend to put it on my face using my right index and middle fingers and lightly massage it into the skin. Once it's all dried and I want to take it off, I lightly splash my face with warm water to loosen the mask, then I take a warm and wet flannel/face cloth and lightly rub my face in little circles until it's all off. This way, it feels really soft and clear without having to scrub to get it off!

Is it any good?
The simple answer is yes. The reccommended time to leave it on your face is about 5 minutes if you're going for a quick cleanse and 10 for a more deep cleanse. I definitely don't stick to this as I tend to do something else whilst it's on, and as a result completely forget about watching the clock. Once off, my face feels really clean and replenished and I feel that it definitely does help to clear up and to some degree prevent blemishes.
NOTE: It does have quite a strong flowery smell but I find I got used to it very quickly and don't mind it at all.

I would definitely recommend this face mask and can't wait to try out other masks in the range! Have you tried these? What's your favourite face mask? Let me know in the comments below :)

Harriet xo


  1. Ooh I love a mask. I've only really used Dermalogica since they were the first I tried and I liked them, but I should learn to branch out a little. Can't believe your skin reacted so badly. Hope it's better now. It reminds me of when my friend was bitten by a spider and puffed up like cray. Anyway, if I decide to try one out, it'll be this one. I'm not the biggest fan of Lush by any means, so I'll be heading this way even if it is a little more pricey. Rosemary x

    1. I've heard so many good this about the Dermalogica range but they're just so expensive! It's a lot better now thanks - definitely will be going in the bin haha! I'm the same with lush, I love their bath products but not their facial ones! I tried their 9-5 cleanser a couple of weeks ago and it made it really itchy - not good! x

  2. I was really keen to try it, but after trying the tester at boots, the fragrance was too overpowering for me! x

    1. It is quite pungent but I find I got used to it really quickly and found it non-offensive :) x


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