Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Fail-Safe Chocolate Cupcake | Recipe

This chocolate cake/cupcake recipe is sure to go down a treat. It's quick, easy and an all-in-one method which produces light, squidgy, scrumptious and indulgent cakes which don't even require icing - bonus!! I came across this recipe through my mums friend and haven't looked back since. I used to use my usual Victoria sandwich cake recipe when i substituted the vanilla for the cocoa powder. However, it did sometimes produce quite a dense cake so this is a great alternative! Don't forget to check out the pictures which go along with the method just after step 3 - enjoy!

Oven Temp: 160°C Fan / 180°C / 356 F
Serves: 12 muffin case size
Cooking time: 20minutes


35g Cocoa Powder
4tbsp Boiling Water
2 Large Eggs
40ml Milk/Soya
120g Self-Raising Flour
1/2tsp Baking Powder
70g Margarine/Butter
185g Caster Sugar


Step 1 - Pour the cocoa powder into a large mixing bowl and add the boiling water, mixing it together until it forms a smooth thick paste

Step 2 - Add the rest of the ingredients to the bowl, taking an electric whisk to mix them altogether until the mixture is smooth

Step 3 - Separate the mixture between the 12 cupcake holders and place them into the pre-heated oven for 20minutes. You will know they're done if you lightly press the top of a cake and it springs back

I recommend trying these without icing first as they are just as delicious plain. However if you're wanting to make them a little more special (like I have done in the picture) you can whip up a vanilla or chocolate butter icing and even add a spoonful of Nutella to the cupcakes before you put them into the oven. To make the icing, all you need is 3oz/85g butter, 6oz/170g icing sugar, 1-2tbsp hot water/milk and 1/2tsp vanilla/ 1-2 tbsp cocoa powder, whisking them all until smooth.

These cupcakes are definitely one of my go-to quick recipes at the moment and are sure to go down a treat amongst friends and quests. They're simple and delicious without being sickening. Let me know if you give them a try!

Speak Soon,
Harriet xo


  1. They look so yummy, I have to try the recipe out :)


  2. It's a must try! Thanks for the recipe.

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    1. No problem! Hope you enjoy them :) xx

  3. These look beaut! Uhh majorly craving a cupcake now.. will have to try it!

    Charlotte // www.thegoodowl.co.uk

    1. Definitely worth a go - so quick and easy :) x


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