Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Zoeva Lip Crayons | Nude Hero & Tender Rose Review

Exams are finally over *breaths sign of relief* which means I can get back to regular blogging again - hurray!

I am a little late to join the Zoeva band waggon I must admit, but better late than never hey?! As the summer is fast approaching I have been reaching for my summery, light-weight bases to create a natural, nude look and what better way to finish things off than with a nice nude or summery pink lipstick! I was torn between splurging out for a MAC lipstick or going for a dugstore nude option. In the end however I decided to go straight down the middle and opt for the Zoeva Lip Crayons in the shades Nude Hero and Tender Rose from 'love-makeup'(due to the postage working out cheaper) after hearing good things about them from Zoella! I was soo impressed with how fast they arrived (in under 24hours for standard 1st class delivery - mad!) from procrastinating around lunch time whilst revising on a Monday to getting them through the post on the Tuesday morning. Enough about that, lets get on with the review!

The Price //
These lip crayons come in at 6.20 each from the Zoeva website or £5.95 each from love-makeup which is incredibly reasonable in my opinion.

The Product //
They come in a range of 5 colours, all nude and pink based apart from a slightly brighter one named 'Silly Love Bright Coral'. I opted for 'Nude Hero', the lightest of the bunch coming out as a peachy nude, and Tender Rose, a darker, pinker colour in comparison. They are creamy in formula and glide onto the lips quickly and seamlessly, removing the need for a lip liner, leaving my lips feeling moisturised and smooth - perfect for the summer when the hot weather can be extremely drying! What I also love about this product is the pigmentation. Although sheer, they do provide your lips with a strong buildable colour which stays on for a good 4+ hours. I would recommend however carrying them around with you just in case you want a little touch up on the go (oh and don't leave them in the sun... they will start to melt - oops!) The small, sleek packaging of these crayons make them so easy to slip into a pocket or pouch in your handbag. I also want to point out that these don't twist at the end and look as though they will need sharpening when they start to flatten down.
Let's not mention the fact that these look 'missused'...

The Claims // Zoeva claim that they are 'Lipstick pencils with a super light and creamy formula, ensures smooth, plumped and intense moistured lips and for lips to love'. From having tested them out myself I would have to agree with the majority of these statements. They are definitely moisturising and smooth on the lips and don't feel too sticky or heavy.

The Verdict //
I love these lip crayons, it's as simple as that. They are small and portable, easy to put on and provide your lips with a really natural and slightly glossy finish - absolutely perfect for the warmer weather. The range of colours, although small, also offers a wide range of looks meaning everyone will be able to find one they like! I can't wait to test out the other three in the range. At the moment I'm really enjoying pairing both Nude Hero and Tender Rose together on my lips at once to create a subtle, natural shine and colour for my lips.

Have you tried these lip crayons out? or any must-haves from the Zoeva range? (Rose gold brushes, I have my eyes on you)! Let me know in the comments below.

Speak Soon,
Harriet xo

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  1. These look great! Not tried this brand - definitely need to investigate now :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. I've heard so many good things about their brushes etc so would definitely recommend giving them a shot :) x

  2. I've never heard of Zoeva before! These sound lovely and I love the shades you picked too, so pretty x.

    Josie’s Journal

    1. Aw thank you, I'm really happy with the colours - always a little bit apprehensive ordering makeup online x


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