Sunday, 16 February 2014

Creating my blog

'I want to start a blog'. I've been thinking this very thought for little over two months now and decided yesterday that today would be the day I would enter the blogging world. I couldn't wait to get started and present my views and recipes to the world! But little did I realise just how hard creating the perfect blog I had pictured in my head would be. The templates were there, all I had to do was choose the colour scheme, add some info about me and generally make it look pretty and appealing. I mean, how hard could it be? How wrong I was.

Blogs are everywhere and choosing your theme and look is (in my opinion) very important, as you want to attract readers and get them coming back for more (after all that's the point of it)! I decided from the off that I wanted a pretty simplistic look, which wasn't too taxing on the eye with explosions of colour everywhere (oh gosh - I sound middle-aged) and instead really draw the readers to my posts. Now I had come across HTML coding before on sites such as tumblr, but never really comprehended just how they worked, so when it came to adjusting the layout in order to make it my 'dream blog' I was lost. I took to trawling the internet in order to find my life saving advice on how to construct my blog. I had no luck. It was so complicated and all the pretty designs which made blogs look professional and sophisticated came at a cost; money. I knew there must be a way to move all the icons where I wanted them with the rights links embedded in them, without having to pay for it.

This morning, with a fresh mind and a topped up patience level, I woke up with the quest to make the blog at least functional and partly how I wanted it to look, so that I could finally get my first blog post published. I adjusted what I was searching for and again took to the wonder that is the internet posing questions such as 'how do you centre your title on blogger' and 'how to add social media links to blogs'. I was finally onto something. I scrolled through all the links that appeared and tried looking at a few in the hope of help. This is when I came across the YouTube video which answered my prayers (not literally but it definitely made my life easier). The YouTuber goes by the name of blogaholicdesign and she herself has a blog which goes by the same name. She took my through the easy steps of saving the pictures I wanted, turning them into links and then finally getting them onto my blog. It was so simple, you just needed to learn how to do it. It was also exactly what I needed in order to make the blog easy to navigate and create simple links to my social media sites. (you can watch the video here)

This leads me onto where I am now. I have a blog which I am reasonably happy with and soon will have my first blog post up eeeeek! I can't wait to get writing posts about recipes I'm loving, recipes I've adapted and products I love at the moment. I hope you can stick around to see what I have in store for y'all. 

Do you have a blog? Did you struggle like me to get started? Let me know in the comments below - I look forward to hearing your stories and thoughts! 

Speak soon,
- Harriet x

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