Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Top 4 Moisturisers

When it comes to moisturisers, I'm quite the picky one. I'm forever striving to get the perfect concoction which makes my skin feel silky smooth and leaves me feeling slightly pampered as a result. I cannot (like most) stand dry hands and find that, especially in the winter, my hands (and face for that matter) get so dry from the cold weather and cool air. So, this year I finally came to my senses and made an extra effort to get my act together, give my hands some love and purchase a tube that I could carry around with me in my handbag/school bag.

Now when it comes to moisturisers and creams, I not only take the smell into account, but how it feels on my skins after use. Moisturisers with an oily residue are in my opinion, a crime! - I'm particularly referring to hand creams when I say this. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to get a grip of your pen and having it sliding through your finger tips again and again whenever you touch pen to paper, and with me in my final year of A Levels there is a lot of note taking to be made and past papers to be completed (le cry - I honestly cannot wait for this year to be out of the way and to be free.. only 4 months to go now!).

Down to my top four then. There are a mixture of moisturisers which I've been loving, some for months/years now and others a more recent discovery.

1) 'Soap & Glory Hand Food' (RRP £7.00, 250ml). I first discovered this product when I got given it as a birthday present and it's still going strong! It sinks in quickly, leaves my hands feeling really nourished and soft and has a gorgeous scent which I can't quite pinpoint. As you can see, I have nothing but praise for this product. I also love how you can get it in a small tube which is perfect for a handbag!

2) 'Vaseline Essential Moisture'. (RRP £2.99, 200ml) This was, for a long time, my face moisturiser until I stumbled upon a day cream given to me by my mum (see no.3)! It's so versatile and is great for anywhere which needs a little moisture - It's particularly great smothered on freshly shaved legs (sooo incredibly soft)! Once again, a great product and for the price you can't go wrong. 

3) 'Solutions Sensitive Botanical Day Cream' by Avon (RRP £6.00, 50ml)Unfortunately they no longer sell this exact product but have lots similar to this in their range. My mum originally purchased this but like me is very particular and didn't feel it was thick enough for her. I on the other hand love it!  I've been using it for little over a week now and it leaves my face feeling incredibly soft and smooth and have now begun using it not only in the morning before applying my foundation, but in the evening before I go to bed too! All-in-all, another cracker for you to try. 

4) 'Nivea Hand Nourishing Crème'. (RRP £3.05, 100ml) I am in two minds about this one. It's great as I can easily carry it around in any of my bags and it leaves my hands really soft! However it does have a tendency to leave my hands a little slippery (even if I use a pea sized squeeze - annoying!!) and could really do with a bit of a tone down on the sent front - to me it smells like a mixture of baby wipes and sun cream (not the best combo) and as you can imagine, is incredibly pungent. Other than this however, I find it very valuable and extremely handy. 

Are there other moisturisers which you think are fab? Comment down below with suggestions on what I should try next!

Harriet xo

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