Saturday, 22 February 2014

Mini Lemon Sponges

I've been wanting to write a baking blog post for ages, so today I thought I'd give it a go and what better place to start than with these cute little lemon sponges. The recipe is pretty simple, and produces wonderfully lushes light cakes, so I'll do my best to take you through it step by step and make sure to check out the photos below the method for clarification! Enjoy!

Makes around 9 cakes.
Oven temperature: 170°C/ 325°F/ Gas Mark 4

You will need:

                       For the cake:                                                              For the icing:

                       4oz/110g Caster Sugar                                             50g Softened Butter
                       4oz/110g Soft Margarine                                         110g Icing Sugar
                       4oz/110g Self-Raising Flour                                     1 tbsp Lemon Juice
                       2 eggs
                       1tsp Baking Powder
                       1 Zest of Lemon
                       1tbsp Lemon Juice


Step 1:  Firstly, you will need a large mixing bowl and an electric whisk (you can use a wooden spoon instead but it will take a lot longer)! Put the sugar and soft margarine into the bowl and whisk until the mixture turns fluffy and pale - the longer you whisk, the fluffier your cakes will be! 

Step 2: Crack your eggs into a mug and give them a little mix with a fork until they're blended together. Next, add the egg to the sugar and butter little by little, whisking inbetween until it's all combined (Note: It may look a little sloppy and curdled but don't worry - it's meant to be like that). 

Step 3: After this, you want to add the zest of one lemon (or more if you want to push the boat out) and the tablespoon of juice. Mix once again until it's all combined.

Step 4: You are going to add the flour and baking powder now, and just like the egg you're going to do it bit by bit (check out step 6) until it's all mixed in. 

Step 5: Finally you want to spoon the mixture into a buttered cupcake/muffin tin (you can use cases but I didn't due to the look I wanted to create) and spoon the mixture in. Then place the tray into the centre of the oven to cook for around 15 minutes. 

Step 6: You will know they're done when they're golden brown or you can touch them on the top and the cake will spring back (so much better than having a gigantic knife hole through the middle of the cake!!) Once done, leave them on a cooling rack to cool.

You can either get them out of the tray as soon as they come out of the over or leave them to cool for about 10 minutes in the tray, then take them out (it will save your fingers from getting burnt this way!).

Whilst the cakes are cooking (and after you have finished licking the whiskers, implements and the entire bowl – how can you not?!) you can start on the icing. 

Step 6: Put the icing sugar, softened butter and lemon juice into a mixing bowl and whisk with an electric whisk. Make sure to start it at a low speed and then increase it gradually, otherwise the icing sugar will go everywhere and I mean everywhere - trust me! (Like before you can use a wooden spoon but it will take a lot longer!) If it's hard work bringing it altogether, just add another spoonful of lemon or hot water if you don't want it too strong and remember  to taste the icing afterwards to make sure it's to your taste.

Step 7: You want to keep on whisking the mixture until it's all combined and looks nice a creamy. 

Step 8: Cut the cupcakes in half and spread a spoonful of the icing onto the bottom half then place the top back on.

Now all that’s left to do it make a nice big cup of tea (or a beverage of your choice) and enjoy the light, guilt free (okay, maybe not) tasty cake! If you aren’t a lemon fan, you could replace it with a teaspoon of vanilla essence in the cake and icing (then spread some strawberry jam on the cake, followed by the icing) or  even a couple of tablespoons of cocoa powder for a more indulgent treat.

Hope you like my first attempt at writing a recipe and let me know in the comments below if you give it a try/want to see more! Enjoy :)

Harriet x


  1. These look delicious! Unfortunately I'm allergic to lemon :(


    1. Aw that must be annoying! You could always substitute it with vanilla essence or cocoa powder :)

  2. This looks delicious, I must try this recipe out for myself! Thanks for sharing! :)


    1. No problem, hope you enjoy making and eating them :)


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