Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Tuesday's Top Picks // #1

I thought it was about time that I did a little feature on my blog, and after much consideration (nothing goes with 'Tuesday'!?) I have come up with 'Tuesday's Picks' - original I know! This is just going to be a little fort nightly accumulation of all the things I've been loving over the past few week, and things I've come across and just have to share with you guys.

What? //
Beauty -
Nothing has really stood out for this month apart from the Bourjois CC 123 Perfect Cream which I've been using constantly, but I've gone on about that farr too much recently here and here.

Food/Drink -
Twinings Peppermint Tea - I haven't just been loving this for the past week (don't you worry) but I have found myself drinking wayy more than I usually do. I love it because it's quite a light drink (unlike tea) and is even more perfect accompanied with a slice of cake.

Tetley Decaff Green Tea - This stuff is my holy grail! At the beginning of the year I decided to go caffeine free as I thought this might get rid of my year long constant headache - unfortunately It hasn't. This meant I had to find decaffeinated teas which I could drink as a replacement and I found finding a green tea the hardest. After trying this at my friends house I knew I had to get it - not only is it decaff but it tastes better than normal green tea!

Pink Grapefruit - I used to eat this stuff all the time when I was younger so thought I'd pick some up last week and I've been absolutely loving it. It's refreshing but can be a little twangy/sour - perfect for the Spring time.

Music -
Love Is On The Radio - Hopeful Live Mix - I have been absolutely obsessed with this song for at least the last month and a half. It's an acoustic cover of Mcfly's 'Love Is On The Radio' by Tom Fletcher and his sister Carrie Hope Fletcher and oh-my is it incredible - so much talent in one family!! It doesn't matter what day it is, where I am or what I'm doing - I'm always in the mood for this tune.

Who? //
Ella Grace (redlipstatement) - I came across Ella a couple of months ago through watching other beauty related videos on YouTube. She is not only a beauty YouTuber but produces fashion look books too posting videos about twice a week.  I especially love her makeup related videos (the majority of what she posts) as it's always interesting to see what products other people are loving and how they apply them. I believe she deserves wayyy more than 152 subscribers - so what are you waiting for? Go go go.

What have you been loving for the last week? What do you think of this kind of post? Let me know down below.


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