Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Blog Name Change

Hi everyone! Sadly it came to my attention that there is already someone with the name 'Makeup and Macaroons' for their blog and now I feel so stupid for not checking to see if someone already had the same name. It took a while but I've finally come up with another name which I like and feel doesn't wander to far away from my old one which was 'Makeup and Macaroons. The new one however is - 'Makeup and Meringues'. 

I hope you guys still like it and will follow me over there as I've lost all my followers by changing. Thank you to all the people who already follow me - I really appreciate it - and I hope you can join me on my next blog. I will still be writing the same sort of posts - beauty, baking and lifestyle - I'll just have a different name!

You can follow me on bloglovin here and thank you!

Harriet xo

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