Friday, 28 March 2014

Beauty Buying Tips

As many of you know, there are beauty blogger chats every week on Twitter using the hashtag '#BBloggers'. There's a different topic every time and anyone can join in! It's so great as you can talk to other beauty lovers and bloggers about different products and exchange makeup tips and tricks - uber uber useful indeed! 

It can always be hard when you're a student and have little money or are on a budget (most of us then!) when there's sooo many different products to try! For beauty bloggers this can be frustrating as most like to offer reviews on new products or cheeky gems they've found but don't fret - there are loads of different ways you can try out new makeup without having to have loads of money. This has lead me to throw together a little list of things you can try instead to save a little bit of cash.

'Call a friend'
Having a look through your friends or family members unwanted makeup stash can be such a great way to try out new things and not have to part with any money. I recently went through my mum's and acquired a few Estée Lauder lipsticks - such a win and well-worth giving it a go!

'Make a list'
Making a list of all the products you want with all the prices next to them and then finally prioritising them is a brilliant way to go. This can be such a good way to shop as you'll get the stuff you actually need rather than random bits and bobs. I always do this and find that I can save so much money this way.

'Put it off a week'
 When you find yourself wanting to buy something, keep it in the back of your mind and wait until the following week - this can either intensify your desire to buy the product or make you realise that you don't actually need it.

'Budget, Budget, Budget'
Give yourself a budget just before going shopping and stick to it! If you don't have a figure in your mind you can find yourself buying everything and succumbing to all the deals and offers going on. You'll also find that you buy the products you really need as it prevents you from going wild.

'Payday Saving'
If you have a part-time or even full-time job, payday can be such a great excuse for going a little mad and purchasing all the products you've had your eye on throughout the month. My tip for this one is to save a certain amount as soon as you get paid! If you have a savings account or a different one which you can't get easy access to, transfer some of your pay to it. Not only does this save you money but is great to have when you want to do something with friends or splurge on high-end products as a treat.

'Shop Around'
Different outlets and shops have various deals on for the majority of the time which can be great - the boots '3 for 2' offer is a beaut and can save you tonnes of money! The best tip for this is to buy in 3's (sounds silly as it's called 3 for 2 but hear me out). If there are a few higher-end, more expensive products that you want to buy, buy them first then go back and get your cheaper items. If you buy them all together, they're going to take the cheapest away meaning that you don't end up saving that much. Does that make sense? I hope so ha. 

So there are my tips of beauty product buying but can be generalised to basically any area of shopping. Hope this helped some of you to save a little bit of money, let me know in the comments below :)

Harriet xo


  1. I had no idea that #bbloggers was the beauty chat line so thanks for clearing that up. I also find a lot of #lbloggers #fbloggers. I have no idea. I was determined not to join twitter because I am just not a tecchy gal but blogging just had to get me started and all the hashtags had me in a confused whirl. I love the first tip. Mums are so useful for getting hands on new make up. They have so much stashed away! I've done this before but a while ago, and you just reminded me about this little tactic. Will get going…now. Rosemary X

    1. It's really good - I definitely recommend getting involved :) You'll get used to it soon I'm sure! So true because my mum usually sticks to the same products which gives me free reign over the rest x


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