Friday, 14 March 2014

Topshop Nails

I, like most, love my nails in pristine condition and cannot stand it when nail polishes don't live up to my expectations or standards. Now when I say 'standards', I mean that the polish has to feel nice on my nails, dry reasonably quickly, have good durability and not require a topcoat - too much phaf. Pretty simple really. I wrote a review on Tanya Burr's nail polish a couple of weeks ago and although I was in love with the colours, I wasn't quite so on how long they took to dry. This Topshop one however, seems to be perfect. 

I've always known that Topshop do good makeup products but I've never actually branched out from my usual products to try them. So, when I was in London last week in the massive Topshop on Oxford Street, I thought I'd give one of their polishes a whirl. I picked up this gorgeous pastel, orangey coral colour named 'Bounce' which I thought was perfect for the warmer and sunnier weather which seems to be fast approaching - yay!

Firstly I love the packaging and is incredibly easy to apply. I was also so soo impressed with how quickly it took for the first and second coat to dry - only around 5minutes each - and how solid the colour was after only two coats. The durability, even without a top coat, is pretty good - about 4 days until any chips were noticeable. Now I know how good this nail polish is, I cannot wait to try out other colours (especially others from their new spring pastel range) and indeed their other makeup products. I must admit that I am rather behind on the whole 'Topshop makeup frenzy' but am definitely happy that I've finally jumped on the bandwagon - about time!

Do you like Topshop makeup and if so, what's your favourite products? Leave me a comment down below :) 

Harriet xo


  1. YAY for the HUAGE Topshop on Oxford Street! Froyo and cupcakes in a four-storey (possibly five-storey? can't remember) clothes/shoes/make up store? What more could we honestly ask for?

    1. That's the one, it's heaven! Yeah it literally have everything in there :) aha x


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