Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Key To Happiness

Lately, I've been thinking that I want to put a personal spin to my blog, so have come up with a new, weekly feature in the form of a mini series. I haven't really given it a specific name and it's basically going to be on all the little things I have thoughts on - or 'wonder' about - and want to share with the world - a little bit like last Friday's SprinkleofGlitter inspired motivational post - which doesn't necessarily relate to the theme of my blog. This is the first post and I hope to at least carry it on for a couple of months, so here we go. 

I'm in the last year of my A Levels and with under 3 months to go until my last exam, I am a little stressed to say the least. Even though I've been a model student *cough* this year and even started to revise around Christmas time, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to comprehend how little time I have left and the volume of revision I still have left to do - absolutely petrifying - and as a result I find myself wishing away the days until it's finally all over and behind me. The worst bit is, if I'm not careful I'm going to be old and grey before I know it without appreciating my life as it is now and all the people around me. 
Note: Appreciate everyday as it could be your last (deep but true)! 

Being happy and content in yourself is also (I think) very important. If you constantly think about what others think of you or what others expect of you, you're never going to be truly happy as it's hard/impossible to please everyone.

I think this quote below really links in with what I'm trying to get at. Being happy now means accepting what is happening now, who you are and everything that is going on.  This quote (for me) couldn't have more truth to it. I really need to start appreciating the days as they come and stop wasting away days counting down to events. 
I also think that in a society where body image seems to be at the heart of most people's conscious, occupying our every thoughts, we tend to lose site of what we ourselves want to achieve and instead try to please everyone. This is sad as we should be able to be ourselves and not think that everyone is judging us because we are a little bigger than the person stood to our right. In the end, very little care about your size, shape or appearance and are more worried if you are a nice person or not. 


I saw this quote floating around my Pintrest the other day and couldn't not pin it. If you occupy your time trying to please everyone around you, your concentration on what's really important to you and what you're really good at will end up taking the back seat. This definitely isn't good when you're trying to be the best you can be, and if it's something different from the norm, don't let other people's words deter you from following the path that you want to follow.

Do you find yourself doing the same as me? Let me know in the comments below :) This is a bit of a mash up of different topics all in one post but I hoped you enjoyed it all the same.

Harriet xo


  1. I was thinking about something similar this morning, how everyone always tries to please other people by losing weight and manipulating their appearance ... why do we bother? It's such a waste of life! xxx
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    1. I totally agree with you! It's sad that people feel that they need to be a certain/almost dangerous weight to be classed as 'pretty'. xxx

  2. That last quote is so true. I go out of my way to please everybody around me, but I thought about it the other day and that doesn't necessarily make me happy. It's not like if I didn't try to please everyone, I would offend or hurt anyone. So we should just all be ourselves and not go out of our way to keep everyone around us smiling. I like the idea of your Wednesday Wonders!

    1. I agree! We should be able to feel comfortable in who we are and what we look like and not have people trying to make us think we aren't 'pretty' or their definition of the right weight! Always do what makes you happy :)


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